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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2012, Volume: 5, Issue: 5, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

An efficient encoding algorithm for (n, k) binary cyclic codes


In forward error correction (FEC) systems, basically two mechanisms namely block coding and convolutional coding are used for error-control coding. The error-control coding processes involve encoding and decoding information symbols to get rid of errors produced by noise in communication channels. In a binary block encoding technique, message words are arranged in blocks of k bits which are converted into code words of n bits, n> k , by adding redundancy bits. Encoding is a compulsory part of error correcting codes and without knowledge of encoding structure the decoding of code words is impossible. In this paper a very simple and most effective technique for systematic encoding of linear binary cyclic codes is used which improves the encoding speed by reducing the computational complexity. In addition to encoding speed, the encoding can be done by hand using XOR (modulo-2) operations without involving computers after generating an encoding table for the code.
Keywords: Forward error correction, encoding, decoding, communication channels, linear cyclic codes, encoding table


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