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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 1, Pages: 47-55

Original Article

Analyze the Flow Behavior for MHD Power-Law Fluids

Received Date:01 July 2022, Accepted Date:02 December 2022, Published Date:06 January 2023


Objective: This study investigates the Numerical solution of laminar boundary layer flow of Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) model for power-law fluid over a continuous moving surface in the presence of a transverse magnetic. Methods: The governing partial differential equation for the flow was transformed into non-linear ordinary differential equation using the Group theoretic method. Firstly, we convert this non-linear ordinary differential equation (ODE) into linear by using quasilinearization process. This linear ODE was solved numerically by applying the Spline collocation method suggested by Bickley. Findings: The solution for displacement profile and velocity profile were obtained as functions of the magnetic parameters. The effect of the magnetic parameters was discussed graphically. We used MATLAB software for finding the outcomes. Novelty: The main goal of this article is to analyze boundary layer flow of Magneto hydrodynamics (MHD) model for power-law fluid over a continuous moving surface in the presence of a transverse magnetic. The conservation equations of mass, momentum and energy are converted into ordinary differential equations along with boundary conditions by appropriate similarity transformations and solved by applying Spline Collocation Method. The convergence of solutions is important for providing the developing linear functions of solutions, which is a benefit of the Spline Collocation Method. These research findings are applicable, for example, in predicting skin friction and heat transfer rate over a stretching sheet, which has implications in technological and manufacturing industries such as polymer extrusion. Comparisons with previously published works are made, and the results show a high level of agreement. This type of research is applicable to work in fire dynamics in insulation, solar collection systems, recovery of petroleum products, etc.

Keywords: Power-Law Fluids; Magnetic Field; Nonlinear Differential Equation; Quasilinearization; Bickley’s Method; Linear Equations


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