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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 21, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Applying Numerical Indicators of Absorbance Spectrum to Evaluating Color of Flower Petals


Background/Objectives: The study deals with spectral photometry of extracts from flower petals. The objective is to apply numerical indicators at turning points of absorbance spectrum contours to identify the colors. Methods: Absorbance spectra of ethanol extracts from red, white and yellow flowers of 15 breeds of plants belonging to 8 genera have been registered by digital spectrophotometer in ultraviolet and in visible light range. The obtained spectra were processed by the proprietary computer program. Student’s t-test was applied for statistical data processing. Findings: Wavelength, absorbency, the values of the first-order derivatives at maximum points, at turning points, at the steps of the absorption band contour and the absorption intensity values have been identified for each registered spectrum. Absorbance spectra of the analyzed extracts from petals of the flowers belonging to the same genus and to different genera with various coloring have been found plausibly and considerably different in terms of their numerical indicators. The most significant differences have been identified in such parameters as wavelength, absorbency at turning points and the values of the first-order derivatives at the step points of the absorbance spectra in the extracts from red flower petals, and in maximum wavelengths and absorption intensity in cases with white and yellow flower petals. The sets of the numerical indicators, grouped at the turning points of the absorbance spectrum contours, are individually specific for the flower petals of each plant genus. Applications/Improvements: The absorbance spectrum numerical indicators of petal extracts can serve as a generalized distinguishing taxonomic attribute to be employed in floriculture for certification of the newly created flowering plants.
Keywords: Absorbance Spectrum, Applied Spectral Photometry, Flower, Petal Color



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