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Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: Special Issue 1, Pages: 208-218

Original Article

Depositional Environment and Diagenetic Process of Bhuban Sandstone: Constraints from the Petrographic Characterstics

Received Date:23 January 2023, Accepted Date:09 June 2023, Published Date:13 September 2023


Objectives: The present investigation focuses mainly on the depositional environment and diagenetic processes of Bhuban sandstone using petrographical investigation in and around Lunglei town. Methods: A comprehensive field investigation was carried out to investigate the lithofacies variation and thin section examination of the Bhuban Sandstones. A total of 37 representative rock samples were collected during fieldwork from different localities in and around Lunglei Town. Leica DME2700 P petrological microscope with Leica DFC420 camera and Leica Image Analysis software (LAS-v4.6) installed at the Department of Geology, Mizoram University, was used to conduct petrographic and modal analysis. Findings: Petrographic analysis of thin sections show that the grains are fine to medium, moderately sorted, and have sub-angular to subrounded shape. According to the petrographic plots and thin section studies, the majority of the rocks are Sublitharenite with a little amount of Sub Arkose. The sediments may have originated from a continental orogen-type source and were deposited in a shallow marine environment. The plutonic sources with some upper to lower-rank metamorphics constituted the majority of the sediments. Additionally, prior to deposition, the sediments underwent a modest amount of weathering due to the humid climate. The study also reveals straight, concavo-convex, and suture contact, frequently deformed micas conforming to the grain boundary of quartz, and common flowage of clay minerals along the pores of the grain suggesting a high degree of compaction. In addition, the dissolution of quartz, potash feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar subsequently replaced by other minerals suggested a mesogenesis to telogenesis for the events of diagenesis of the Bhuban sandstones of the study area. Novelty: Based on petrographical studies, Bhuban sandstones are derived from plutonic sources with a moderate degree of weathering and deposited in an active continental margin setting. Moreover, the sandstones in the study area underwent a high degree of compaction.

Keywords: Surma Basin; Bhuban sandstone; Diagenesis; Lunglei; Quartz; Sublitharenite


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