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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 35, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Design and Simulation of Sierpinski Carpet Antenna utilizing Two Feeding Method


Objectives: Design & Simulation of Sierpinski Carpet Antenna utilizes Two Feeding Method. Method: Sierpinski carpet antenna is presented in this paper. In this planned structure firstly we take FR4 substrate with 4.4 permittivity and 0.001 loss tangent. Now taking thickness 1.6 mm we cut the square on a rectangular patch having 10x10mm length and width individually. After that we perform iteration up to three. Than after these three iteration we have to simulate the antenna using IE3D software. In this we use two feeding TL feed and P feed. By implementing these parameters of antenna design a higher bandwidth and gain is achieved. At last the antenna is simulated on IE3D having frequency range of 0-4 GHz for transmission line feed and 8-16 GHz for probe feed. Findings: Now using two feeding we compare the results of each iteration and find the parameters. Return loss and the bandwidth of Antenna is increment. Table 1 demonstrates the outcome of MSPA where the return loss of Antenna in first iteration is - 18.3977, - 18.3832 in second iteration and - 19.0005 in third iteration. We focus at the bandwidth, return loss, and impedance parameters of Antenna. With the expansion in iteration, the operating frequency of 1.3333GHz. The return loss of PB feed for every iteration is - 15.45, 17.58, 19.501 dB separately which is step by step expanded. Table 2 additionally demonstrates the VSWR and bandwidth of every iteration at same frequency for various. In three iteration, the bandwidth is likewise preferable in transmission line sustain over test encourage. Application: The optimized antenna is thin profile, light weight, inexpensive easily fabricated and compact. That’s why; proposed antenna can be used for various wireless applications like WLAN, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi etc.

Keywords: FR4 substrate, IE3D, PF, TL, VSWR, WLAN


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