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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 41, Pages: 1-15

Original Article

Development of a Smart Meter, Power Line Communications Supported under IoT Architecture


Background/Objectives: Optimization of energy consumption has become the subject of ongoing research, in order to establish mechanisms that provide gradually to reduce global warming. In this paper the design, construction and implementation of a system of control and monitoring of power consumption (Smart Meter), supported on power line communications (PLC / Power Line Communications) under IoT architecture is proposed; which allows real-time measurements of various existing parameters in the power system at very low cost, using existing technology in the market. Methodology: To develop the prototype will use the grid as a physical transmission medium via a communication system HomePlug AV, a web server embedded under IP protocol for administering the communications system and control system power control comprised of a phase detector and zero crossing, an instrumentation system and a control system power supported state devices solid. Results: The developed prototype not only optimizes energy consumption of each electrical device, but also to measure in real time variables such as active power, reactive power and power factor; all operating on Internet Protocol (IP) and under using existing technology in the market. Relevance of the topic: The optimization of energy consumption is an issue of vital importance in the world and the development of this prototype raises the possibility of being implemented through the use of embedded systems of low cost and ease of implementation in homes in the future near. Application/Improvements: The developed prototype can be considered as a technological innovation strategy in the field of IoT, because it will allow to know in a very fast and efficient way the consumption of electrical energy product of a load, in terms of active power, reactive power, Parente power, power factor, RMS voltage and RMS current, variables of great importance in the residential or industrial context, which are quantified in an effective way depending on the waveforms and not through indirect methods such as performs conventionally on similar meters. In future related work it is recommended to establish mechanisms that allow to reduce the size of the hardware element, but also to make use of other alternative telecommunications technologies, in order to allow the development of low cost prototypes and ease of implementation. 

Keywords: IoT, Optimization, Power, Power Consumption, PLC 


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