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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 35, Pages: 1-7

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Development of a Water-Droplet-Shaped Bra Mold Cup Design


Objectives: Mold cups with built-in wires are effective to maintain the shape of the breast but stimulate mammary region resulting in uncomfortableness while wearing. This study aims to develop no-wire mold cups in order to commercialize bras that make the breast appear beautiful by keeping the shape without wire supporting them. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Bras used in this study are based on 75B full cup design that is suitable for the standard size in twenties. Mold bras in this study are manufactured by making a mold out of a gypsum model based on body surface shell and cutting it through mold-cutting process. In the developed mold cup, breast volume appears to gather toward the center in the form of a water droplet and soar toward the upper- cup edge. The mold cup does not seem to spread sideways. This allows small breasts to appear larger and big breasts to appear reduced. Moreover, the shape of the mold cup is intended to fit different kinds of breasts comfortably by introducing embossing while initially developed for research, the mold is also made available commercially in a range of sizes. Seven items of sensory test are statistically analyzed to examine the wearing effects of the new mold. For statistical analysis, F-test and Duncan-test are performed by SPSS 18.0. Findings: We registered the design of the mold cup with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (Registration number: 30071595400). From the sensory test of wearing the research bra and bras on the market, we find that there is statistically significant relationship between the all sensory categories. Improvements/Applications: The method used to yield the shape of the mold can be applied to the development of various types of bras produced by mold cup manufacturers. Our mold cup will be helpful for bra manufacturers that want a new product to meet the needs of customers and improve the fit of their garments.
Keywords: Breast Volume, Gypsum Model, No-Wire Mold Cups, Surface Shell, Sensory Test


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