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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 12, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Increased Security in Image Cryptography using Wavelet Transforms


Objective: The main objective of the paper is to enhance the security of the images using three different wavelet while transmission of the images. Method: In the Existing system, images are directly encrypted using HAAR wavelet which provides frequency sub bands and they are exchanged in single level deliberately. Hence, it is prone to guess the wavelet and can be applied to detect the process to retrieve the original image. In our proposed work, three different wavelets are used to encrypt the image along with a password. The main advantage of the method is to enhance the security level in encryption process.
Result: A password will be assigned to the image a key will be generated through the password using a key generation algorithm. Key is used to select the wavelet mechanism and two levels of frequency sub band exchange process will be carried out to ensure the security of the image. The originality of the image is compared through their PSNR Values. There will be no loss of data in the process is an additional advantage of our proposed work.
Conclusion: Thus the original image is retrieved in the process and the method is highly secure for transmitting the image. Only intended users can retrieve the original image by using password.

Keywords: Image Cryptography, Image Encryption, Image Encoding with Key, Image Security, Wavelet Image Encryption


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