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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 14, Pages: 640-648

Original Article

Development of App-Based E-Board Announcement System with SMS Support

Received Date:20 August 2021, Accepted Date:24 November 2021, Published Date:14 April 2022


Objectives: This study aimed to design and develop an App-Based E-Board Announcement system with two-way SMS Support and consequently evaluate its level of efficiency and usability in the perception of the respondents. Methods: Developmental and descriptive research designs were employed in this study. To evaluate the system’s usability and to ensure that the system conformed to the standards set for software development, the researcher used McCall’s Quality Model. The researcher also used ISO/IEC 25010 software characteristics to evaluate the level of efficiency. Moreover, the researcher used waterfall model as a system development model during the process of software development. Mean was used to statistically compute the results. Findings: Results showed that the level of usability of the developed App-Based E-Board Announcement system with SMS Support has an overall mean of 4.60 which was interpreted as very good. Also, the level of usability was found to be very good by the users in all of the implementation indicators. The respondents were all unanimous in their perception that the developed system carried a high level of usability. Similarly, based on the respondent’s feedback, the developed system yielded a mean of 4.70 for its level of efficiency which was interpreted as very good. This simply showed that the respondents were very much satisfied with the efficiency of the developed system. Novelty: The study developed a mobile application for sending SMS to the system. The two way SMS communication is a unique version of the study wherein an announcement is sent to the system and displayed on LCD screen and at the same time, the announcement is sent to a specific group of individuals using their cellphone numbers registered to the system as compared to existing E- Boards/Notice Boards that use one-way communication.

Keywords: AppBased; EBoard; Announcement System; SMS; Mobile Phone; Mobile App


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