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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2012, Volume: 5, Issue: 11, Pages: 1-18

Original Article

Development of Mathematical Equations and Programs for the Optimization of Concrete Mix Designs


The manual approach to concrete mix design requires understanding of the data in the British Department of Environment (DOE) Code. This often requires interpolations in determining intermediate values of variables for the concrete mix design, which is prone to human errors when tracing out, estimating and recording values. Mathematical equations for concrete mix design in accordance to the guidelines of DOE were derived as a replacement to the tabular data, figures and graphs in the DOE concrete mix design charts. Computer program was developed for the optimization of concrete mix designs. DOE data were converted to equations by developing mathematical models and selecting through optimization the most suitable relationship that adequately represented the data based on the regression coefficient values. The equations were converted to a developed computer program called CLETJER using Java Programming Language Version 7, with NETBINS Version 7.1 as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The developed Program, when executed and used for concrete mix design, was observed to a large extent, to reduce the computation time and energy which were inherent in the manual process. The developed Program, interfaced into ninety-seven (97) interactive user-friendly windows, is capable of determining the relative proportions and quantities of material constituents of concrete and making necessary adjustments to the mix design to suit the trial mix design on site. It is also useful in minimizing the cost and optimizing the mean compressive strength of concrete mixes. Keywords: Concrete mix design, Mathematical Equations, Computer program, Regression, Optimization.


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