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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 44, Pages: 1-7

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Development of Sealed System to Transfer Mechanical Energy using Permanent Magnets


Background/Objectives: When developing oil and gas fields one of the most pressing problems is to reduce energy costs. Arranging more efficient use of compressed gas energy helps solve this problem. Methods: The compressed gas energy can be converted into thermal or electrical energyby using a special heat generator. The energy conversion usually involves several stages one of which provides for the conversion of gas flow kinetic energy into mechanical energy. At this stage of energy conversions, a gas turbine is used. Transmission is intended to transfer mechanical energy providing compliance with environmental regulations on prevention of gas emission. Findings: A sealed system for transferring mechanical energy can be developed by using a magnetic coupling based on permanent magnets and equipped with a sealed separating baffle.Each of two coupling halves is usually equipped with permanent magnets. As part of the undertaken works, a new design of magnetic coupling is considered in which only one coupling half is equipped with permanent magnets. The second coupling half is equipped with steel rollers serving as a magnetic circuit. In the system where compressed gas energy is converted into thermal energy, the steel rollers operate under elevated temperature, while the permanent magnets work in the area with lower temperature. The engineering task is to provide more favourable conditions for the operation of permanent magnets which will positively affect the reliability of the entire technical system. Applications/Improvements:The main application areas of the developed sealed system are associated with oil and gas production. However, the developed engineering solutions can be used to design other environmentally friendly equipment 

Keywords: Energy Conversion, Gas, Mechanical Energy,Oil, Sealed System, Turbine


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