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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2013, Volume: 6, Issue: 8, Pages: 1-7

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Target Binding Hotspot Secrets of mir1 microRNA in Oryza sativa by using Bioinformatics Approaches


Thermodynamic properties and nucleic acid symmetry of upstream nucleotide regions to the binding sites, insertion sites or upstream to the gene regions in the eukaryotic genomes are very significant in revealing the properties of various elements such as microRNA sequence, gene sequence and Promoter sequence etc. They set signals for various microRNA to bind at specific location in the genomes and these sequences also help in gene regulation with microRNA. The miR-1 microRNA is one of the most important and common type of small microRNA precursor that regulates its target protein’s expression in the cell of both plants and animals therefore its study is very significant. The main emphasis of this research and whole idea behind this kind of work is to find out upstream sequences which carry hidden properties like Railway signals and track sign board which can alert the drivers that how the way is ahead. MicroRNAs are of approximately 21-nucleotides long and play very significant role in gene regulation in variety of genes of different organisms. MicroRNAs and mRNAs (messenger RNA) constitute an important part of gene regulatory networks, influencing diverse biological phenomena. The mRNA (messengerRNA) translated in to protein by the process of translation but when microRNA binds to specific mRNA sequence it alters the gene regulation process this results the alteration in the resulting protein and its function. The binding mechanism of microRNA at target site is not very clear so the study in this field may reveal some secrets which can be helpful to understand the process of binding of microRNA at different mRNA for regulation in different genes. The analysis of upstream nucleotide sequences to the possible binding sites of microRNA in Oryza sativa untranslated mRNA sequences revealed some significant patterns or signals such as thermodynamic properties signals, sequence architectural signals, and energy consideration which may involve directly or indirectly for the binding of microRNA in Oryza sativa.
Keywords: PremicroRNA, RicemicroRNA.


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