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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 48, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Effect of Copper and Magnesium Stoichiometric Additions and Thermal Aging on the Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminium Alloys


Objective: To study the mechanical properties of newly developed cast aluminium alloy with additions of copper and magnesium in the mole ratio of 1:1:1 of Al-Cu-Mg in as cast and thermally aged conditions. Methods/Statistical Analysis: For the (wt.%) selection of Cu-Mg on the basis of stoichiometric calculations, 1 unit (wt.%) of copper and 1 unit (wt. %) of magnesium were mixed in base metal liquid. Aluminium 6063 base material was heated in an electric furnace at 750°C in permanent mild steel mould preheated at 200°C in order to achieve homogenised cast alloyed ingot. Findings: The specimens were extracted from cast aluminium ingot for tensile and impact strength evaluation, microhardness variations and metallurgical studies in as cast and aged conditions (160°C for 5,6 and 7 hours respectively). Optical microscopy reveals increased rate of intermetallic precipitation at aged conditions which was supported by X-ray diffraction patterns. Moreover, copper and magnesium additions increased the ultimate tensile strength, impact strength and microhardness values of newly developed aluminium cast alloy in comparison with conventional Al 6063 base material. Application/ Improvement: Therefore, based upon the present work, it is recommended to use this ratio of copper and magnesium in aluminium base alloy in order to achieve better mechanical properties in industrial applications.

Keywords: Aluminum Alloys, Electric Furnace, Intermetallic Compounds, Solution Treatment, Thermal Aging


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