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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 18, Pages: 1-7

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Emphasizing on Various Security Issues in Cloud Forensic Framework


Objectives: To provide a competent secure framework for the cloud forensics system with enhancement of security in various phases of forensics investigation method. Methods/Statistical analysis: The various issues has been raised in above study about existing cloud forensics framework as security concern has been discussed during the evidence identification and collection, during acquisition, during preservation and during analysis and reporting. The study unveils about the requirement of various security parameters during the entire chain of custody in cloud system. Findings: The major finding is related to security concern in various phases. Coming towards the initial stage of identification and collection, it is not easy to execute these tasks. Since cloud data is stored in multiple data center and using conventional method for identification of evidence is a tedious job. Because of cloud distributing nature it is not easy to collect all evidence from these servers, as thousands of servers are running globally across data center and securing this evidence is the major task. After that level key challenges is locations of data centers and data acquisition from a large data set. The remote location of data centers and client machine may require stateless communication. Predictable time duration for data acquisition from remote data centers in comparison with local computer demoralize the investigation process and make it overwhelming for a moment of time. Furthermore, erroneous evidence acquisition not only wastes investigation effort but may lead the complete investigation into the wrong manner. After that concern is about log file format, analyzing logs is challenge due to unification issue. Also at time of reporting main challenge occur for choosing the right court of law; Cross boarder verification is a big issue during investigation, and then exchanging data between two countries needs more privacy. Application/Improvements: Strong secrecy for evidence identification and collection, with enhanced privacy level and improved chain of custody method. Recovery of data in cloud can be faster, which will help in disaster recovery also due to a unified format. And finally appropriate secure integrated framework may lead to resolve cases quickly.

Keywords: Data Acquisition, Data Centre, Hashing Algorithm, Log Analysis, Uni Log Format


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