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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 10, Pages: 1-5

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Energy Efficient AODV for Backup Route Selection in MANETs


Objectives: In this paper, a backup routing solution in which routes are selected based on their energy efficiency is presented. Methods: The selection of nodes is based on energy efficiency. Nodes that are nearest to the failed node are found out and checked for their energy efficiency. Depending on whether nodes are energy efficient or not, they are classified as alive or dead. The selected node is then used for data transmission to the destination. Backup routing is done with the help of alive or energy efficient nodes. These nodes are first chosen based on how close they are from the failed node and then the energy available with them is checked. It is shown through experimental results that the obtained QoS parameters are better than the traditional routing protocols. Findings: It is found that after 6000 rounds of transmission, in a MANET of size 100 nodes, throughput obtained with energy efficient AODV BR protocol is 107800 bits. Also, PDF obtained is 0.187 and end to end delay is 0.05422 secs after 6000 rounds. Applications: MANETs find use in education purpose like e-classrooms, in war zones, in disaster affected areas or even in places where the cost of establishing a setup needs to be minimized. MANETs have diverse applications such as in warfare, earthquake or disaster stricken areas etc. and require good Quality of Service (QoS) parameters. The existing work provides QoS parameters when the link is not broken. However it is desirable to provide a system that continues to provide good QoS parameters even when the existing link fails. In this paper efforts have been made to provide for such a system that searches for an alternate link on failure of the main route based on certain energy efficiency criteria such that the network provides good QoS parameters in various applications. 

Keywords: AODV, AODV BR, DSR, Energy Efficient, Routing Protocols


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