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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 17, Pages: 1-8

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Energy Saving Outdoor Light Screening and Management System


Objectives: Energy saving outdoor screening and management system is used to screen and handle open air lamps all the more proficiently when contrasted with the regular systems. The proposed system is to meet this objective with effective manner. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Sensors and Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) microcontrollers are used to sense the lamp performance and control all the lamb unit respectively. Wireless network method is used to monitor the unit which is done by utilizes the ZigBee-supported remote gadgets which permit more effective lights administration. Microcontroller unit used to control each lamp network installed for the project. We propose an energy effective ZigBeesupported outside light observing system. Findings: To acknowledge adequacy of the suggested framework, the model has been introduced inside the college, where the trial comes about demonstrating that the proposed framework spares around 70.8% vitality for the open air road condition in light of utilizing sensors, LED lights, and ZigBee supported correspondence organize. From our demonstration we can find that power consumption is greatly reduced from former experiment which is done by using metal halide lamp. This setup uses LED lamp to reduce power usage by nearly 900KW per hour compare to existing setup. Application/Improvements: This can be improved by using advanced MC unit and other lighting methods.

Keywords: Energy Efficiency, LED Light Setup, Light Monitoring System, PIC MC Unit, Power Consumption, , ZigBee Network 


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