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Epidemic Dynamics of Malicious Code Detection Architecture in Critical Environment
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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2014, Volume: 7, Issue: 6, Pages: 770–775

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Epidemic Dynamics of Malicious Code Detection Architecture in Critical Environment


In present world applications of software in other domains have their own privileges and their own control over other application also fulfilling their own testing methods acting as a tool in solving the given problem. Application integrity is highlighted in existing work but in our proposed approach MCBA (Malicious Code Behavior Analysis). In our proposed study the method of MCBA approach error correcting codes in the kernel is incorporated. Our objective is to incorporate a protection mechanism that saves the application even though the system’s memory gets corrupted. In exploring the trusted MCBA Server to identify and monitor the portion of the system where corruption occurs and the server segregates the reason for various malicious impacts. Therefore, two approaches have been simulated: one is authenticated check and the next is unauthenticated check. In an authenticated check, a matching schema (e.g., the MCBA) applies dataset pattern recognition techniques to check malicious pattern by comparing it to the incoming applications during execution, if malicious packet is found it protects the system, in an unauthenticated check, the malicious packet from the guest OS for example root kits enters into our local system and it securely stores a cloned image of the guest OS memory at boot time, this method incorporates a VMM (Virtual Memory Monitor) and it allows only the instructions to read from the cloned copy of memory but never execute the instruction, though it is so, sometimes the instructions are malicious and it is unsecured. This paper emphasizes the MCBA architecture, incorporates monitoring, detecting and healing process which are so feasible to apply in real time environment ,it is very economically used for the technical programmers who are designing source code for various domains in Software market.

Keywords: Dataset, Error Correcting, Malicious, Matching, Privileges


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