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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 33, Pages: 1-12

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Estimating the size of E-Learning System using Learning Object Points Method


Background/Objectives: Software size estimation is the key factor to determine the planning activities of software ­development process. Size is the base factor to determine effort, duration, schedule, cost and others that affect the ­development process. E-Learning system is also a software system support for Computer and internet based ­teaching and learning process. Development of E-Learning system is under crises because of improper estimates that lead ­incompleteness, loss and delay, it affects customer satisfaction. To overcome the problem, a research made on the sizing techniques used in industry and the inabilities are identified. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Based on the analysis of all industry oriented size estimation techniques, this research introduces a new sizing technique called Learning Object Point method (LOP). Learning Object Points method is quantifying the size and complexity of an E-Learning system in terms of learning ­objects and functionalities. Sizing is independent of computer languages, development methodology and ­technology behind the development. LOP can be estimated early stage of software development process. It is prepared based on the user ­perspective so users of the E-Learning system have a better understanding of what LOP are ­measuring. Findings: The performance analysis of Learning Object Point’s method was conducted over Function point Analysis by using different projects developed in the industry. Size and duration calculated using FPA produced wrong results. So the project management activities like planning, scheduling and costing produced imprecise outcomes but LOP produced more close to actual results so it supports project management activities effectively. Applications/Improvements: • LOP can be used to size E-Learning applications accurately. Sizing is important component in determining productivity. • It is easily understood by the non-technical user. This helps communicate sizing information to a user or customer. • Conversion to LOC is similar to FP to LOC conversion. • It also supports to estimate any kind software application other than E-Learning system also. • Estimate development effort and Cost benefit analysis using LOP. • To Derive Business Decisions.
Keywords: E-Learning System, Learning Object Points Method, Size Estimation, Software Project Management, Software Sizing


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