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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 36, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar Panel using Thermoelectric Cooling


A novel technology has been developed that forwards the photovoltaic panel cooling into an innovative step ahead: solar PV/TC (photovoltaic, thermal, and cooling). In the proposed PV/TC system along with electrical energy both heat and cold energy are simultaneously generated in a useful manner based on semiconductor components. This semiconductor ­component is working based on Peltier effect. In this approach, thermo electric cooling (TEC) module is connected on the back side of the solar PV module firmly with aluminium heat sink. In operating mode, the PV panel generates electrical energy, simultaneously the TEC module assimilates heat from the back side of the PV panel and delivers into heat sink. The heat rejected from the sink is utilized for domestic and industrial applications. The experiments are administered on clear days during the month of August 2014. A comprehensive geometric model is developed and simulated via ANSYS workbench so as to evaluate the thermal behaviour on each layer of the PV panel. The simulated results are compared with the experimentally measured values and found to be in good agreement. The RMSE1 , RMSE2 and R-squared values were ­obtained for top panel temperature is 4.96659, 0.096469 and 0.96801 respectively. The RMSE1 , RMSE2 and R-squared values were obtained for rear panel temperature is 4.860556, 0.117196 and 0.92557 respectively. It is also found that the maximum electrical efficiency, panel top temperature, PV panel rear temperature and outlet air temperature of PV/TC panel is about 11.87%, 54.5°C, 43.1°C and 46.3°C respectively. The fundamental advantage of this concept is by coupling TEC with solar panel, increases electrical efficiency and life of the solar panel.
Keywords: PV/TC, Photovoltaic, Peltier Effect, Thermoelectric Cooling


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