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Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 4, Pages: 166-174

Original Article

Experimental Investigation and Mapping of Index and Shear Behavior of Soils a Case in Gimbichu Town, Ethiopia

Received Date:05 October 2021, Accepted Date:07 January 2022, Published Date:05 February 2022


Objectives: To study experimental investigation on index and engineering properties of fine-grained soils by conducting laboratory tests and to prepare a soil spatial map using ArcGIS software of Gimbichu town, Ethiopia. Methods: Hence, ten test pits were selected according to the variation of the soil and the distribution of the dwellings. The soil samples were collected by direct manual excavated to 1.5m and 3.0m depth on which both laboratory and field tests were conducted for index and shear properties. Findings: Index properties revealed that soils in the study area are mostly silt soils with high plasticity and partly low plasticity. It is indicated that the soils are medium to very stiff with unconfined compressive strength of 53.70 to 216.40kPa and undrained shear strength of 26.67 to 108.20 kPa. Permeability and consolidation investigation results presented soils in the town are silt group. The spatial soil property map is created for experimentally determined results at 1.50m and 3.0m depths using ArcGIS software to retain soil properties in order to earn time and cost of the investigation in the field and laboratory. These maps are required for recognizing, identifying, and classification of soil categories within delineated parts of the current study town. Novelty: Investigation and ArcGIS spatial mapping for soil properties are essential for future boosting of the design and construction buildings of this town that was not applied before in investigation lagged areas like Gimbichu town.

Keywords: ArcGIS Mapping; Experimental study; Index properties; Shear parameters; Soil class


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