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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 1, Pages: 59-64

Original Article

Fixed Point and Common Fixed Point Theorems for Single Valued and Multivalued Mappings in Partial b-Metric Spaces

Received Date:11 November 2023, Accepted Date:02 December 2023, Published Date:05 January 2024


Objectives: To prove some fixed point theorems and common fixed point theorems by using partial b-metric spaces. Methods: Ciric type contraction for single-valued mapping is also used to prove fixed point theorem and Nadler's type Banach contraction is used to produce fixed point and common fixed point theorems. Findings: We have to find fixed point and common fixed point theorems for single valued mapping and a fixed point theorem for multivalued mapping. Novelty : We have to use a new type of space called partial b-metric space to prove all the theorems in this paper. No one has proven these theorems before in this space. 2020 Mathematics Subject Classification : 47H10, 54H25.

Keywords: Partial b-metric space, Single valued, Multi valued, Common fixed point, Fixed point


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