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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 7, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Flexural Test on Hybrid Biocomposite Materials


Aim: The main objective of this work is to fabricate the biocomposites exploitation natural fibres like Sisal, Banana, hibiscus, Sisal and banana (hybrid), banana and hibiscus (hybrid) and sisal and hibiscus and sisal (hybrid) with epoxy (bio) glue as a reinforcement exploitation molding methodology. Methods/Analysis: In the present study, the optimum combination of fibre and organic compound is achieved by exploitation Taguchi methodology. During this work, flexural rigidity of Sisal and banana (hybrid) at a quantitative relation of 1:1, banana and hibiscus (hybrid) at a quantitative relation of 1:1 and sisal and hibiscus (hybrid) at a quantitative relation of 1:1 composite were studied at dry and wet conditions. The main focus of the work is to predict the properties of fibre fabric of the NFRP composite and also the mathematical model of deflection of beams was developed and the values are compared and located to be in sensible agreement. The wet absorption characteristics of the fibres are vital to supply the natural fibre hybrid composite materials with the positive hybrid impact. Specimens were scanned using Scanning electron microscope. Findings: The wet composites reduce the flexural properties as the presence of wet degrades the fibre matix interface strength and it makes poor stress transfer leading to a discount on the flexural strength. Each within the hibiscus and sisal fibre composites, it was found that the elongation of fibre increasing when it is immerse in the water. The explanation can be the presence of water attack on the polyose structure expectations and allow the polyose molecules to maneuver swimmingly. Application/Improvement: The application includes the replacement material for bone joints, artificial tissues, limbs, arteries, artificial tooth and skin. So, this work can be extended to other spheres of the biomaterials by extending the work and conducting other functional properties like stress distribution and biocompatibility etc.

Keywords: Bio Epoxy Resin, Flexural Rigidity, Natural Fibres, SEM


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