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Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 15, Pages: 1135-1144

Original Article

Free Radical Scavenging and Cytotoxicity of Dimocarpus Longan Leaves Mediated Silver Nanoflakes

Received Date:12 January 2023, Accepted Date:26 February 2023, Published Date:18 April 2023


Objectives: To study the antioxidant and cytotoxicity of biologically synthesised silver nanoflakes using Dimocarpus longan (D. longan) leaf extract. Method: 1mM Silver nitrate is treated with 20 ml of D. longan leaves extract for 1 hour. The phytochemicals like phenols, alkaloids and flavonoids present in the aqueous leaf extract act as a reducing and stabilizing agent which reduces the silver nitrate into silver nanoflakes. Findings: The silver nanoflakes show characteristics of surface plasmon resonance at 450 nm in UV-vis spectroscopy. The FT-IR spectrum confirmed the phytoconstituent present in the leaves extracts. The XRD analysis shows the nature of silver nanoflakes. The size and stability were determined using dynamic light scattering (DLS) the values are 87.17 nm and -23 mv. The scanning electron microscope shows a poly-dispersed flake-like structure. It exhibits comparable antioxidant activity with ascorbic acid using DPPH (1, 1-diphenyl-2-picryl hydrazyl) assay and the (IC50) value was approximately 65.5 mgml-1. The remarkable cytotoxicity effect of synthesized silver nanoflakes against MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 breast cancer cell lines is evidenced by the MTT (3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) assay. The Inhibitory concentration (IC-50) values examined were 138.62.18 mgml-1 and 171.52.2 mgml-1. Novelty: For the first time, the present study revealed the synthesis of silver nanoflakes of lower size using leaves extract of D. longan which was employed for its antioxidant activity and also for in vitro cytotoxic effects against breast cancer cells MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7. Keywords: Silver nanoflakes; D longan leaf; antioxidants; MTT assay and Cytotoxicity


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