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Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 22, Pages: 1806-1812

Original Article

Harpic Induced Biochemical and Histological Changes in Fresh Water Fish Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio L.)

Received Date:31 March 2021, Accepted Date:29 May 2021, Published Date:19 June 2021


Objectives: To investigate the xenobiotic action of toilet cleaner ‘Harpic’ on gills and muscles of fresh water teleost common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.). Methods: The test organism, fingerlings of Common carp (weight: 4.5±1.3g), (length: 5.3±1.5cm) were collected form Bhadra Reservoir Project, India. Static bioassay tests were conducted in order to evaluate the acute toxicity of Harpic. In all treatments, ten fully acclimatized test organisms were held and the same was observed for experiment and placed in different concentrations of Harpic to determine LC50 values after 24 hours. Behavioral responses and mortality of the fishes were recorded at the interval of 2 hours and the alternation of behavioral characteristics was recorded. Glucose was estimated by Anthrone method. Glycogen was estimated by Kemp’s method and Protein content was estimated by Lowery’s method. Findings: The glycogen muscle (0.015mg/g) and gills (0.06mg/g), and protein in muscles (0.482mg/g) and gills (0.749mg/g) levels were found to be depleted respectively in the tissues exposure to sub lethal concentration over the control. Whereas, the glucose level in the fish tissue showed an increase in muscle (0.168 mg/g) and in gills (0.108 mg/g) on pesticide exposure in comparison with the control. The depletion of glycogen level of gills (0.06mg/g) on pesticide exposure may be due to stress condition and increased metabolism. Further depletion of protein may also attribute to spontaneous utilization of amino acids in various catabolic reactions inside the organisms in order to combat the stress condition. Gill exhibited alteration such as showed desquamation of the epithelial lining, necrosis (Telangiectasia) of the secondary lamellae, shrinkage of secondary lamellae and also showed hypertrophy and hyperplasia at the base of the secondary lamellae. In case of muscle the nuclear proliferation was observed and also seen different size of the muscle fibres, disintegration of muscle bundles, atrophy of muscle bundles, marked thickening and separation of muscle bundles. Novelty: No such works carried out on the effect on younger developmental stages of fishes which are considered to be more susceptible and vulnerable to toxicants than those of adult stages.


Cyprinus carpio, Harpic, Desquamation, Hyperglycaemia, Necrosis


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