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Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Genetic Fuzzy Model
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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 9, Pages: 797–803

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Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Genetic Fuzzy Model


The objective of the work is to diagnose heart disease using computing techniques like genetic algorithm and fuzzy logic. The system would help the doctors to automate heart disease diagnosis and to enhance the medical care. In this paper a hybrid genetic-fuzzy heart disease diagnosis system is designed. The genetic algorithm is used for a stochastic search that provides the optimal solution to the feature selection problem. The relevant features selected from the dataset help the diagnosing system to develop a classification model using fuzzy inference system. The rules for the fuzzy system are generated from the sample data. Among the entire rule set the important and relevant subset of rules are selected using genetic algorithm. The proposed work uses the benefits of genetic algorithms and fuzzy inference system for effective prediction of heart disease in patients. The selected features are sex, serum cholesterol (chol), maximum heart rate achieved (thalach), Exercise induced angina (exang), ST depression induced by exercise relative to rest (oldpeak), number of major vessels coloured (ca) and thal value. Fuzzification using Fuzzy Gaussian membership function and defuzzification using centroid method improves the performance of the system. The work has been evaluated using the performance metrics like accuracy, specificity, sensitivity, confusion matrix that help in proving the efficiency of the work. The obtained classification accuracy is 86% using the stratified k fold technique with the values for specificity and sensitivity as .90 and .80 respectively. The number of attributes has been reduced from 13 to 7 from heart disease dataset available in the UCI Machine learning repository. When compared with the existing system the accuracy of the proposed work has been increased by 1.54%. The proposed model is named as GAFL model called Genetic Algorithm Fuzzy Logic model for effective heart disease prediction. It is easy to build the model thereby providing an easy option to be used in hospitals and medical centers for the aid of the physicians.

Keywords: Feature Selection, Fuzzy Logic, Gaussian Membership Function, Genetic Algorithm, Heart Disease Prediction


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