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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 13, Issue: 31, Pages: 3213-3221

Original Article

Heat generation and chemical reaction in flow propagated by peristalsis incidence of radiation in MHD Jeffrey nanofluid

Received Date:25 May 2020, Accepted Date:05 August 2020, Published Date:31 August 2020


Objectives: In the present study, the heat Source and chemical reaction in MHD Jeffrey nanofluid driven by means of peristalsis through asymmetric channel has been addressed. Methods: Considering low Reynolds number and long wave length assumptions the fundamental equations of mathematical model are obtained. By applying long-wavelength and low Reynolds’s number the nonlinear partial differential equations are transformed into ordinary differential equations. The simplified equations are solved by using Mathematica software and various effects are discussed in the form graphs. Findings: It is observed that influence of chemical reaction parameter on temperature and concentration profiles are increasing. The converse behavior is found in the case of Radiation and heat source parameters. Novelty: The present analysis is applicable for magnetic drug targeting for various treatments in a human body. The present study addresses the influence of heat source and chemical reaction in peristaltic pumping of Jeffrey nanofluid incidence of thermal radiation.

Keywords: Peristalsis; Jeffrey fluid; thermal radiation; MHD; heat generation


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