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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 13, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Hydrogeochemistry of Groundwaters of the Area of Oulmes


Objectives: The work is to evaluate and control the physicochemical quality of the groundwater in the medium Oulmes plate, to protect human health. Methods/Analysis: We have evaluated the quality of seven wells of the area of the plate of oulmes of the Moroccan Atlas during the year 2016; vary by carrying out the analysis for 16 physic-chemical and chemical parameters in the laboratory and “in situ”. These parameters are pH, T, electric conductivity, salinity, potential of oxydoreduction, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, Ca2+,Mg2+,Na+ , K+ , Cl- , SO4 2-, CO32-and HCO3 - . These param- eters are measured by the apparatus Hanna Instruments HI 98280 and Hach 2100 NTU, the anions and cations are measured by the atomic absorption. Findings: Electric conductivity 4110 µS/cm, salinity is worth 1 mg/l, turbidity 9 TNU, dissolved oxygen 6.63 mg/l, potential of oxydoreduction 118.9 mV, he concentration of calcium 300.7 mg/l, the potassium concentration 39.04 mg/l, the magnesium concentration 65.61 mg/l, the sulphate concentration 102.01 mg/l, nitrate concentration 10.34 mg/l, and bicarbonate concentration 1068 mg/l. Indeed, these got results reveal that the degree of pollution exceeds the threshold of the national and international standards of potability. Application: In front of this situation, this requires a control and a treatment to preserve the natural environment.

Keywords: Groundwaters, Morocco, Oulmes, Physic-chemistry, Quality


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