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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 20, Pages: 1-10

Original Article

Identifying and Prioritizing Effective Factors on Empowering Staff in Field of Information Technology with Approach of Fuzzy Hierarchical Analysis (Case Study: Staff of Department of Energy)


Background/Objectives: The main purpose of present study is to identify and prioritize effective factors on empowering staff in field of information technology with approach of hierarchical analysis. Research method is descriptive-survey. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Population of the present study is the experts of human resources in two span of academic and industrial. 10 members of such experts have participated in this research as sample. We have used paired comparisons questionnaire for data collection. In present study 6 criteria have been identified as effective factors on empowering staffs in field of information technology. For collected data analysis we have used the approach of fuzzy AHP. Findings: In this research, Firstly, six factors have been identified for empowering of staffs in field of IT by using the opinions of experts. These factors include control center, structure and leadership method, information access, sense of responsibility and their motivation. Results showed that among criteria, their motivations are identified as the most important one. In fact, if employees have necessity motivation in field of empowering for IT, the project of empowering will be finalized with greater success within organization certainly. In second rank of effective criteria, we can point out the criterion of individuals’ control center. Our results demonstrated that individuals who have internal control center are trying to reinforce their assets and knowledge in field of IT to improve individual performance. After such factors the criterion of individuals’ knowledge is identified as effective. In fact employees who have adequate knowledge in field of IT are facing with IT issues with less fear. Therefore, motivation, control center and knowledge are having highest impact on empowering staff in field of information technology. Improvements/Application: Managers of IT departments by using procedures with justice, meritocracy and bonuses based upon individual performance can improve employee’s motivation in doing empowering process.
Keywords: Control Center, Empowering Staff, Fuzzy AHP, Information Technology, Motivation 


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