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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 20, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Instrumentalization of Gender Culture: Functionality Limitations and Social Framework


Background/Objectives: This paper aims to study the sociological characteristics of gender culture, which is considered as a social inheritance program. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The methodological basis of the study consists of the fundamental ideas of theoretical sociology, comparative analysis and interdisciplinary approach. The study is based on the conceptual work and the results of studies of Russian and foreign authors dedicated to the analysis of gender, gender culture and gender stereotypes. As an empirical method, the questionnaire surveys have been used. The article presents the results of studying stereotyped statements. Findings: Based on the study methodology, it has been found that the respondents’ worldview is gender-stereotyped regarding both women and men. Some of the stereotypes about women say that they are inconsistent and capricious. The stereotype is that the woman does not necessarily need to “make a career”; the priority for her is the children and the family, despite the active involvement of women in business. Stereotypes about men include the fear to be recognized as non-professionals and the cold-bloodedness. Men are afraid of losing their masculinity. Both groups of respondents share the stereotype that men have a larger number of personal leadership qualities than the women. But at the same time, the study of personal qualities of the male leader and female leader shows that there are no differences between both groups of respondents. Comparison of the results of the study of stereotypical statements about the personal qualities of the leader and the real qualities of the leaders of different sexes has shown implicit contradictions of gender stereotypes. Application/Improvements: The obtained results are quite unique as gender culture is considered as a social inheritance program. This approach is innovative, so the results have considerable theoretical and practical importance. They not only complement the idea of gender culture, gender stereotypes within the framework of sociology, but also fundamentally change the approach to the interpretation of gender studies.

Keywords: Gender, Gender Culture, Gender Stereotypes


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