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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 16, Pages: 1-5

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Interleave Isolated Boost Converter as a Front End Converter for Solar/Fuel Cell Application to Attain Maximum Voltage in MATLAB


Objectives: Solar power or fuel cell produces a very low output voltage (~20 v to 60 v), so we need to boost up voltage with high efficient converter. Method Analysis: Here an isolated converter is used in order to overcome back EMF problem from the load. Designing an Isolated DC low voltage to DC high voltage converter will be of great challenge because converter must handle high input current at the supply side and high output voltage at the loads side. For efficient way, we will be connecting the input parallel and connect the output in series. Findings: Based on this concept two inductors connected in parallel at the input side to share the input current and the capacitor are connected in series at output side to share output voltage in an interleaved manner. Thus the two boost converter cells are demagnetizing by repelling each other, therefore the transformer structure is simplified. By using interleaved operation ripple current will reduced, therefore capacitor and inductor size is reduced both at input and output side. Improvements: And features make on this interleaved isolated boost converter, then it desirable for high power low to high DC application, 40 V DC is boosted to 680 V DC is simulated using MATLAB.

Keywords: Boost Converter, Fuel Cell, MATLAB Simulink, Micro Inverter, Renewable Energy, Solar PV Cell


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