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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 8, Pages: 540-546

Original Article

Investigation of Curie Point Depth Using High Resolution Aeromagnetic of Igumale and Ejekwe Area, Lower Benue Trough Nigeria

Received Date:21 January 2021, Accepted Date:08 November 2022, Published Date:27 February 2023


Objective: To carryout geophysical investigation in Igumale and Ejekwe area with the aim of estimating the Curie point depth (CPD) and then evaluating the geothermal gradient and heat flow to see if it is viable for geothermal exploration. Methods: Spectral analysis method was employed in this research work. Findings: The results show that the CPD varies between 1.111 and 17.402km. It is observed that the CPD in the Eastern part of the study area (11 - 12.6km) is shallower when compared to the other parts of the area. The deepest CPD of about 16.6-17.4 km is found in the North-western part of the study area. The geothermal gradient varies between 33 - 52 °C/km. The average heat flow obtained in the study area is 101 - 484mWm-2. It ranges from 83 - 131 mWm-2. The study area is characterized with high heat flow and geothermal gradient. These results indicated that the study area has a good potential for the generation of geothermal energy especially at Ejekwe area. Novelty: The study successfully depicted area with good potential for geothermal exploration using spectral analysis method.

Keywords: High Resolution; CPD; Ejekwe; Igumale; Spectral Analysis


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