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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 26, Pages: 1-6

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Key Distribution using Dual Channel Technique for Ultimate Security


Background: A new approach for the implementation of Quantum Cryptography is proposed in this paper. Quantum Cryptography has practicalweakness like lack of authentication, single photon generation and many realtime implementation problems.Thispaper also explainshowthedrawback ofBB84protocolis eliminatedby combiningClassicalCryptography and Quantum techniques. Methods: We analyze the usage ofDual Channel Interferometer technique and thereby fusing Quantum techniqueswith classicaltechnique.And their combination resultin the feasibility of authentication, and hacker identification, thereby introducing a novel method of QKD transmission. A quantum digital authentication scheme based on hash function is proposedinthispaper .The securityofthequantumprotocolliesonthe existenceofquantumonewayfunctionbyfundamental quantum principle. The practical difficulties in quantum control and quantum computation made quantum protocol hard to implement. The lack of authentication made the quantum protocol vulnerable to hackers. Introducing two level quantum system authentications can be achieved with the help of hash function. To guarantee the authenticity, hash codes are split into two parts and exchange of code is made through two quantum channels.This scheme uses a programmable polarizer ensuring the quantum one way function and removing the practical difficulties of quantum control and quantum computation. The proposed scheme presents a novel method to construct secure quantum authentication for future communication. Result: Dual channel implementation helps in implementing authentication in quantum BB84 protocol. We combined the advantages of quantum techniques and classical techniques and tried to implement a novel technique to ensure secure communication. Application: People use the ATM for transactions such as cash withdrawal, money transfer and payment of electricity and telephone bills. ATM is the most convenient to access the accounts and funding transactions. Personal Identification Number (PIN)is an important aspect of the current ATM system in providing security and it is a commonly used method in protecting the transaction of one’s account.By implementing above technique ATM pin transfer can be successfully made.
Keyword: BB84, Classical Cryptography,Hash Codes,Hash Function, Quantum Channels Programmable Polarizer, Quantum Cryptography


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