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Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 1, Pages: 46-54

Original Article

Mathematical analysis on anisotropic Bianchi Type-III inflationary string Cosmological models in Lyra geometry

Received Date:22 September 2020, Accepted Date:20 December 2020, Published Date:11 January 2021


Objectives: To present a new solution to the field equations obtained for Bianchi type-III universe by using the law of variation of H, which yields constant DP. Methods: We study a Bianchi type-III cosmological model with a cloud strings with particles connected to them in Lyra geometry. To find the exact solutions of survival field equations we consider here that the shear scalar and scalar expansion are proportional to each other (saq ) that leads to the equation b = cm and secondly we adopt the assumption considering the Deceleration Parameter q as a negative constant quantity giving the inflationary model. The geometrical and physical properties are studied and compared with the recent observational data. Findings: The present model starts at t=0 with 0 volume and as time progresses it expands with accelerated rate and the model shows that the present universe is particle dominated.

Keywords: Bianchi type III metric; inflation; Lyra geometry; cloud string; anisotropic


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