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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 21, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

Method to Estimate Size of Multimedia Software


Objectives: The use of Function Point Analysis for Multimedia software estimation may lead to wrong estimates and incomplete tasks, so there is a need to introduce a new method which estimates Multimedia software and Web Application. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The calculation of Multimedia Points (MP) is depended on the five factor of the software application. The factors are screen design, animation, graphics capabilities, audio and video; and further categorized as low, medium, or high. On the basis of this factor’s complexity, Unadjusted Multimedia Points (UMP) is calculated. Then the calculation of multimedia point advances via an adjustment level, in which the cost adjustment factor for multimedia (MCAF) is, depended on a collection of General System Characteristic for Multimedia (MGSC). These MGSC are rated according to the weightage of each characteristic for a software application, this range is known as level of impact and it varies from 0 to 5. Multimedia Point is computed as MP = UMP*MCAF. Findings: Comparison of outcomes derived from the estimation and through the practical observation for the E-Learning Application - Class XII – Physics is that on an average this project takes an approximately four man days to produce one hour of content using the defined platform. It was observed that approximately 110 hours content of the application, developer spent approximately 3520 man hours to produce it. This data has been taken from the documented report of the Company from their budgetary allocation file. In the experiment, the MPs calculated approximately 110 x 04 hours of content for class XII, Physics is 344 MPs., which translates 344 x 11= 3784 hours of the estimated effort spent in the research project. The experimental outcomes derived from the estimation and through the practical observation for the E-Learning application which have already been validated and compared with the documented report. It was found to have comparable effort spent vis-a-vis estimated MPs within margin of error being in range of ± 7%. Application/Improvements: Factors Considered as mixed media objects leads to complex counting. The scope of improvements will emphasize on how to use the prototype counting program, which impacts on production development environment or maintenance phase for complex system architecture.

Keywords: Cost Adjustment Factor for Multimedia, General System Characteristics for Multimedia, Level of Impact for Multimedia, Multimedia Point Analysis, Unadjusted Multimedia Points


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