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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 40, Pages: 1-7

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Mobile Wireless Technology is Boon or Curse?


A revolution has been evolved in the wireless technology by the initiation of radio communication and cellular technology. The cellular wireless communication starts from 0G and today it moves towards higher generations like 4G and 5G. The ­cellularwireless technology uses theRF signals in communication andRF signals very much affects the life of a human ­being. Now days the life of a human being is connected with the wireless devices such as remotes, smart phones, TV signals etc. To provide service to their customers, many service providers are developing the innovative hardware, software and mobile gadgets. Beside they don’t care much about the power radiation related issues from the antennas and sensors using in wireless communication. The generation of mobile wireless technology moves to a new generation automatically indicates a new RF frequency is allocated for the new generation. Present paper is a wide discussion of the risky electromagnetic radiations and their effect on the human body by mobile phone and base station. The Specific absorption rate (SAR) value is being calculated for different parts of the body at 900MHZ, 1.8GHZ, 2.1GHZ and 2.6GHZ frequency range. A survey was conducted on 100 people (53 female and 47 male) of 25 different houses on 13 different symptoms in the radius of 70m near to base station. Safety tips for mobile users are mentioned.
Keywords: Base Station, Depth of Penetration, Power Density, Radiation Effect, Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)


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