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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 48, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

New Cryptography Algorithm with Fuzzy Logic for Effective Data Communication


In this communicative world, people forget to care about the security when the data communication gets the importance than the privacy most of the time. There the data theft takes place effortlessly. Many methodologies have been devised for making the effective communication either over the internet or intranet. However, the hackers enrich themselves than the new technologies whenever are launched. As need arises for cultivate the security key generation while secure data communication has to be ensured, we propose a new cryptography algorithm along with the fuzzy logic through this paper that materializes the secure communication possible. Firstly, we observed the flaw that causes for hacking effortlessly by the intruder during the data transmission over the network. Then the evaluation part could be done with the same context without losing data because of this proposed algorithm. This algorithm concentrates on image and text data encryption using fuzzy logic and on secured sharing theme which provides highly authenticated data transferring. The existing security algorithms had nod in many ways only for the secure data transmission rather than the complexity in which they have when need to be executed. Henceforth the aspirants who want to have the communication have to spend more time than the actual. Obviously the precious algorithms should have less processing time and high secure in nature. With keeps it as a main aspect the New Cryptography algorithm with fuzzy logic is proposed and has low process time and high security logics using various key for encryption and decryption. The results which produced by this proposed algorithm have been compared with exist algorithms and finally could arrive the conclusion that the proposed is highly effective in security aspects and needs minimum amount of time to be executed.

Keywords: Cryptography, Fuzzy Logic, Private Key, Public Key, RSA Algorithm, Security Key


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