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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 48, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Novel Block Matching Reduced Complexity Motion Estimation and Compensation Algorithm for Mobile Domain: DBTSSDS


Communication between ends have dramatically increased by the expansion in wired (Hard) and wireless networks (soft wire). The user end machines have constrained capability. The availability of power/computation capability/storage and processing buffer/registers along with display. This necessitate the processing or preprocessing of information before transmitting in processed, compressed form. The bottleneck is to transmit the data through the channel with constrained capacity, in error free and acceptable quality. The data is enormously increases with HD content further necessitate effective and vigorous video processing procedures to permit error free real-time encoding and decoding. The real-time conferencing and events generates large sets of data which demands maximum level of compression and very high quality of reception. Even though latest standards like 3G /4G/5G along with efficient coding techniques the available channel has significantly increased but still processing is needed to adjust and accommodate more information in terms of numbers and quality. Numerous methodology had been proposed for compressing the Video but Block Matching methodology(BM) remains the most acceptable. BM is also commonly known as Motion Estimation and compensation(ME) techniques had been utilized for reducing the computational complication of the coding process. BM algorithms is important for accomplishing the effectual and reasonable compression. The block matching algorithm dictates the total computation cost and actual bit budget. Lately various fast search algorithms for video coding have also been proposed. This paper presents a method built on the extension and adjustment of research work MTSSDS block matching algorithm. The proposed algorithm utilizes the concept of logical dead blocks. The projected algorithm is labeled as DBTSSDS which expands to include and manipulate Dead Block on Modified Three steps and Diamond Search (DS) Block Matching Algorithm for the active block based motion estimation for mobile domain. It has been found that from the original (3SS/TSS) and DS, the PSNR value (thus quality) has increased slightly and the significant lowering of computations and thus computation time (faster) has been reduced significantly. The investigational fallouts utilizing various video sequences with different environment are utilized for validating and equate the benefits of projected motion estimation technique.

Keywords: Block Matching, DS, TSS, Motion Estimation, MTSSDS


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