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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 36, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Obtaining of 186re using 13Mev Deuterons for Nuclear Medicine


Background/Objectives: The main purpose was to measure the effective cross section and yield of 186Re in186W(d, 2n) reaction and estimate possible 186Re production scale at the cyclotron. Methods/Statistical analysis: Square plate of metal tungsten of natural isotopic composition was used as target in measurement of cross section 186W (d,2n)186Re reaction. The plate of tungsten had a thickness of 1.55 mm and square 3,90 × 3, 90 cm2 . 40 um titanium foil placed before tungsten target was used as monitor to measure deuteron fluence on the target. Target assemble was irradiated by deuteron beam on Tomsk polytechnic university cyclotron R7M.Deuteron energy accelerated in the cyclotron was 13.6 MeV, outside of cyclotron ion beam line was 13.2 MeV, after monitor foil before falling on the tungsten target was 12.5 MeV. Beam current on the target was about 4 uA, irradiation time - about 15 minutes. After irradiation the target was cooled for 20 min. Findings: It is known that one can obtained 186Re by means of irradiation enriched 185Re targets in a nuclear reactor using (n, γ) reaction. But obtained 186Re contains carrier-added 185Re and have low specific activity, insufficient for use in RIT. To obtain 186Re with high specific activity required for RIT, it is necessary to use charge particle accelerator to get No-CarrierAdded (NCA) nuclides. It was found out that, there are few cross section data for deuteron nuclear reaction with of tungsten nuclei and these data have significant spread. Applications/Improvements: There is a practical need in production of the rapeutic RPP on thebaseof186Re for more using in oncology, anthology and radio immunotherapy (RIT)
Keywords: 186Re, MeV Deuterons, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Industry, Rhenium, Technetium-99


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