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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 8, Pages: 1-10

Original Article

Optimal Integrity Policy for Encrypted Data in Secure Storage using Cloud Computing


Objectives: We want to provide effective integrity verification for encrypted data which is transferred and provide high security. We want to retrieve the results with lesser memory consumption and lesser latency. Methods: The proposed approach combines Attribute Based Cryptography with bilinear mapping to enhance the data security. Simulation model validates the security issues related to the efficient key derivation and Message Authentication Code verification process. We compare our policy with existing techniques on the performance parameters such as encryption time, computational overhead and average lifetime to generate/derive keys. The performance analysis confirms the effectiveness of our policy. Findings: The chief drawbacks of the existing ABE schemes were expensive pairing operations and increase in the complexity and overhead of the admission policy. The time needed to decipher the cipher text was high, due to the great size of the cipher text. Hence, in order to overcome these limitations, this paper proposes an Optimal Integrity Policy for enhanced data security and integrity in the cloud. In secret key generation, we use AND, EXOR and hashing operarations to improve the security. MAC verification process is used to monitor the integrity of the data. An Optimal Integrity Policy confirmed the effectiveness of encryption time over existing CP-ABE methodologies based on the performance measures. The comparative analysis on the parameters such as computational overhead, average life time for generation/derivation of keys shows the better performance in OIP than the EPPDR, subset cover and pseudo random key generators. By enhancing the secret key generation, the data security is also enhanced.The experimental results achieves minimum overhead for both communication and computation. Applications/Improvements: The decryption time is slow for low end devices since it requires modular exponentiation. Hence, the future work shall be extended to speed up the decryption time. 

Keywords: Attribute Based Encryption, Encrypted Data, Optimal Integrity Policy, Secret Key, Secure Storage


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