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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 29, Pages: 1-10

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Performance Evaluation of MANETS under Black Hole Attack for Different Network Scenarios


Background/Objectives: Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETS) are prone to different types of attacks due to lack of central monitoring facility. The objective is to investigate the effect of black hole attack on the network layer of MANET for different network scenarios. Method: A black hole attack is a network layer attack which utilizes the destination sequence number to claim that it has a fresh and a shortest path to the destination and consumes all the packets forwarded by the source. The various network scenarios of MANETS with AODV routing protocol are simulated using Network Simulator Version 2 (NS2) to analyse the performance with and without the black hole attack. The scenarios are created by varying the number of nodes and nodes speed, varying position and number of the black hole nodes and number of flows. The performance parameters like PDR, delay, throughput, packet drop and control overhead are measured. Findings: The black hole attack degrades the network performance. The impact of attack is severe when the attacker is near to the source node, less severe when it is in midway between source and destination and has least effect when it is farther from the source. The overall throughput and PDR increases with the number of flows but reduces with the attack. With the increase in the black hole attackers, the PDR and throughput reduces and close to zero as the number of black hole nodes are maximum. The packet drop also increases with the attack. The overall delay factor varies based on the position of the attackers. Throughput, PDR and control overhead decreases with the network size due to congestion and average delay reduces with black hole attack as the black node sends the Route ERRor (RREP) without performing any route checking. As the mobility varies, the delay and packet drop increases but PDR and throughput decreases as the nodes moves randomly in all directions. Conclusion: The simulation results gives a very good comparison of performance of MANETS with and with out black hole attack for different network scenarios. Keywords: AODV Protocol, Black Hole Attack, MANET, Network Scenarios, Performance Metrics


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