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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 3, Pages: 230-238

Original Article

Photoluminescence Interaction of Alkali Fluoride Over Alkali Oxide in Nd3+ Doped Glasses for NIR Applications

Received Date:08 December 2022, Accepted Date:22 December 2022, Published Date:24 January 2023


Background/Objectives: 23CaO + 10Al2O3 + (51 􀀀 x)B2O3 + 6BaF2 + 10Na2O + xNd2O3 glasses were designed for understanding the optical properties of the emission, such as absorption, lifetime, and quantum efficiencies (QEs) of the glasses. Methods: The glasses were synthesized using the conventional melt-quenching technique at 11500C. The amorphous nature of the samples was confirmed by x-ray diffraction studies. Findings: The radiative QE (h) obtained from the radiative lifetime by Judd-Ofelt analysis, as well as directly measured lifetime using a 582 nm were measured and compared with other reported literature. Novelty: The present work focuses on the replacement of fluorine ions to their alkali content and studied their stimulated emission cross section. The stimulated emission cross-section shows s emi=25.3x10-21cm2 and s emi=18.5x10-21cm2 for oxide (R1) and oxy-fluoride glasses (F2) with 0.5mol% Nd203 content respectively. The stimulated emission cross section s emi=29.9x10-21cm2 ands emi=32.5x10-21cm2 for oxide (F1) and oxy-fluoride (A3) glasses with 1.0mol% Nd203 content respectively. The data clearly suggests that addition of higher fluorine content in the glasses are suitable for NIR solid state device applications.

Keywords: Nd 3+ ions; JOtheory; Radiative properties; photoluminescence; Borate glass


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