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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2013, Volume: 6, Issue: 10, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

Physicochemical, Functional, Pasting Properties and Nutritional Composition of Selected Black Gram (Phaseolus mungo L.) Varieties


The present work is designed to study the physico chemical, functional, pasting properties, and nutritional composition of selected black gram varieties. (viz., VBN 3, VBN 4, VBN 5, VBN 6, ADT 3, T9, MV, TMV, VBg010 025, VBg010 024, VBg09 005 and CO 6). Thousand grain weight of the selected black gram varieties was recorded to be 33.20 to 40.45 g, seed volume 38.66 to 40.2 ml, seed colour ranged as black, dull black and black and dull black, bulk density 0.06 to 1.07 g/ml, water absorption index 151.00 to 155.10 g/100g, water solubility index 13.0 to 15.6 g %, water absorption 36.6 to 56.6 ml/100g and oil absorption 40.1 to 66.2 ml/100g. The moisture values were in the range of 9.6 to 11.6 g/100g, ash 6.1 to 6.7 g/100g, protein 25.5 to 28.5 g/100g, fat 4.4 to 5.6 g/100g, starch 51.3 to 47.7 g/100g, calcium 106.66 to 134.00 mg/100g, iron 3.0 to 4.4 mg/100g and phosphorus 376.00 to 416 mg/100g. It was observed that black gram varieties, VBN 5, VBg 010 025, CO 6 and T9 had high 1000 grain weight and bulk density. Variety VBN 5 and T9 had higher foaming stability, foaming capacity, peak viscosity, final viscosity, hold viscosity and set back value. Also higher levels of protein, starch, calcium, iron and phosphorus was observed in VBN 5 and low amount of fat and ash .Vamban 5, VBg010 025 and T9 were observed to have good physicochemical characteristics and are hence suitable for further breeding and processing as value added products
Keywords: Black Gram Varieties, Vamban, Tindivanam, Coimbatore, Aduthurai, Market Variety, Physicochemical, Pasting Properties, Arabinose.


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