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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2014, Volume: 7, Issue: 3, Pages: 312-317

Original Article

Possibility and Necessity Measures to Enhance Reliability and Cooperation in MANETS.

Received Date:01 February 2014, Accepted Date:23 February 2014, Published Date:03 March 2014


Ensuring security in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a major concern. The majority of attacks can be prevented by secure routing protocol, but non-cooperation still suffers from a serious drawback which is the total strength of nodes in a network. A lot of solution to enforce cooperation has been proposed in the literature which isolate nodes directly on the basis of lesser reputation values but reduces the total strength of nodes in a network. Finally, the lesser strength of nodes degrades the performance and reliability of mobile ad hoc networks. To enforce cooperation in MANET this work presents the Perfect Evidence (PE) model which uses reputation value to obtain the possibility and necessity measures and isolate a node having perfect evidence. It involves nesting of focal element to know the perfect evidence. The proposed model enhances performance of the network because it eliminates only one misbehaving node in each turn, which maintains the total strength of nodes in a network. In addition to that it enhances cooperation in network because it identifies and isolates the most misbehaving node and warns other misbehaved nodes. The warning message suggests other misbehaving nodes to cooperate in network activities otherwise at any turn it will be isolated from the network. Experimental result shows the efficiency of the model.

Keywords: Evidence, Focal Element, Necessity Measure, Possibility Measure, Reputation Value 


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