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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 15, Pages: 1-6

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Proxy Key Provisioning Tool (PKPT): A Key Generating Tool for Enhancing Security for Data Integrity Assessment


Objectives: Proxy Key Provisioning Tool (PKPT) is generated for dynamic key generation for dispatching secured key for protecting them from the attacks when third party assessor assessing data. Analysis: In the cloud the privately stored encrypted data retrieved by decoding it using provided key by authenticate users. While the data is stored in various cloud storage by splitting it up into different data chunks then they have to be again integrated using the decoding key that is lively generated by a cryptography algorithm. When the prevailing techniques for regenerating codes that helps in remote private assessing methodologies for ensuring its data integrity that require database holders to be online or appoint any proxy for generating privileged keys for assessors. Some type of privileges like regeneration of authentication in public assessing model only with the help of proxy which can only be semi trusted will help relieve data holder from preserving their data without being online. Findings: In our proposed method we deploy an automatic tool termed as Proxy Key Provisioning Tool (PKPT) instead of appointing a proxy server. The key will be generated dynamically and sent to the assessor whenever prompted. This key will have in built timer which will start once the key is dispatched and it have self destruction program once when the set time is over. Thus the key will be protected with strong security so the semi trusting of assessor problem will also be over. Then with the help of this generated key the third party assessor will check for data integrity over the private data from cloud.

Keywords: Cryptography Algorithm, Private Assessing, Proxy Servers, Proxy Key Provisioning Tool (PKPT), Public Assessing, Third Party Assessor 


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