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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 18, Pages: 1860-1867

Original Article

Runge-Kutta Method Based on the Linear Combination of Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, and Centroidal Mean: A Numerical Solution for the Hybrid Fuzzy Differential Equation

Received Date:09 January 2024, Accepted Date:07 April 2024, Published Date:30 April 2024


Objectives: To find the absolute error of the Hybrid fuzzy differential equation with triangular fuzzy number since its membership function has a triangular form. Methods: The third order runge-kuttta method based on the linear combination of Arithmetic mean, Geometric mean and Centroidal mean is introduced to solve Hybrid fuzzy differential equation. Seikkala’s derivatives are considered, and Numerical example is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Findings: The comparative study have been done between the proposed method and the existing third order runge-kutta method based on Arithmetic mean. The proposed method gives better error tolerance than the third order runge-kutta method based on Arithmetic mean. Novelty: In this study a new formula has been developed by combining three means Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean and Centroidal Mean using Khattri’s formula and it is solved by the third order runge-kutta method for the first order hybrid fuzzy differential equation. The error tolerance has been calculated for the proposed method and the Arithmetic mean and it is seen that the error tolerance is better for the proposed method.

Keywords: Hybrid fuzzy differential equations, Triangular fuzzy number, Seikkala’s derivative, Third order runge-kutta method, Initial value problem


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