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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2009, Volume: 2, Issue: 1, Pages: 1-3

Original Article

Seed protein polymorphism in nine species of Jute (Corchorus, Family: Tiliaceae)


Distinct polymorphism in electrophoretic banding patterns of seed protein following SDSPAGE was noted in nine jute (Corchorus; Family: Tiliaceae) species and led to the detection of 52 polypeptide bands(cultivated members: C. olitorius L.-42, C. capsularis L.-40; wild species: C. fascicularis Lamk.- 23, C. aestuans L.- 28, C. pseudoolitorius I. and Z.- 34, C. pseudocapsularis L. and C. tridens - 30, C. trilocularis L.- , 26 and C. urticaefolius W. and A.- 35) with molecular weight ranging between 13.0kD to 122.5 kD. Polypeptide bands were mostly medium (25.0 kD to 49.9 kD: 8 to 17 bands) to low (<25.0 kD: 6 to 11 bands) molecular weights but very high (> 80.0 kD: 1-6 bands) and high (50.0 kD to 80.0 kD: 5-11 bands) molecular weight bands were also noted. Band number 3 (97.5 kD), 8 (76.0 kD), 15 (57.5 kD), 20 (47.0 kD), 29 (35.0 kD) and 35 (28.0 kD) were common band in all the species. Species specific polypeptide bands were detected( no. 17-53.5 kD, C. olitorius; 36-27.0 kD, C. capsularis; 30-34.0 kD, C. fascicularis; 33-30.3 kD, C. aestuans; 22 and 45-41.0 kD and 20.0 kD respectively, C. pseudocapsularis; 7 and 42 -79.0 kD and 22.0 kD respectively, C. tridens; 39-24.0 kD, C. trilocularis and 43 -21.0 kD, C. urticaefolius). The clustering (Hierarchical cluster analysis; based on proximity matrix) of the species on un-weighted pair group method with arithmetic mean algorithm (UPGMA) analysis was made and 3 prominent clusters were noted (Cluster1: C. trilocularis and C. urticaefolius; cluster 2: C. fascicularis, C. tridens and C. pseudoolitorius and cluster 3: C. olitorius, C. capsularis and C. aestuans). Significance of the findings has been discussed. Keywords: Corchorus species, Seed protein polymorphism, SDS-PAGE, UPGMA analysis.


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