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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 16, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

Self-Organizing Students Viability in Cultural Education Environment of Technical University


Background/Objectives: The aim of the paper is to apply synergetic integration uniting different terms into a unique picture of cultural education environment of a technical institution, where different systems have certain energy to exchange with other systems. Methods: A synergy approach was used to identify pedagogic technology of modeling synergetic conflict communicative situations improving holistic process of students’ vital abilities. As there are no special diagnostic methods evaluating self-organizing students’ vitality, we included a set of adapted assessment tests: Self-actualizing test, tests for diagnosing subjective control, motives and sustainability and the adapted evaluating techniques proved the increased personal characteristics as vital abilities combined with sense of satisfaction with life and learning process. Findings: The pedagogic synergy is often ignored in education and it leads to unpredictable education results. Multiple links of universal, social and personal values and meanings of communicative situations make the students form their personal value systems and life preferences as positive attitudes to conflict communicative acts. Firstly, we supposed that modeling conflict communicative situations are equal to self-development where communicative activity provokes intense self-control and high level of consciousness in communication acts thus reflecting growth in personal structures expressed as subjective experience, flexibility, sustainability, tolerance and empathy to different opinions and positions in conflict situations. Thus the results prove the efficiency of adapted technology. Secondly, the main education approaches are united by a synergy. So, the term ‘vitality’ is extended with synergetic theory and self-organizing vital abilities determined as inner students’ selfformation stimulated by pedagogic technology. Applications/Improvements: The paper expanded practical possibilities of pedagogic technology demonstrating the better results among the students of focus groups. 

Keywords: Communicative Situations, Consciousness, Motivation, Education Environment, Self-Organization, SelfDevelopment, Viability 


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