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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 11, Issue: 4, Pages: 1-6

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Social Network Chatting Apps Network Traffic Optimization


Objectives: This paper proposes a method to improve the energy efficiency delivery of instant message group chat messages. A user interaction with instant messenger using in smart phone causes high power state due to undisciplined network transmission between network interface (3G or Wi-Fi) and networking operator. Methods/Statistical Analysis: We investigated messaging network traffic pattern in social network chatting apps. In our experimental findings, instant messaging group chat messages (multi-user chatting between friends, colleagues family etc.) delivered by chat server is not energy efficient by We Chat. In our dataset, we found problem in pending group chat messages and not cached play songs in instant messaging app. An energy efficient friendly network traffic is to fetch contains like sound, text, images, video running on smart phone operating system possibly in low power and acquire operating system go back to sleep as soon as possible. In our case user does not participate in group chat. Instant messaging chatting apps like We Chat, QQ messenger. Social network chatting apps are replacing use of regular Short Message Service (SMS) service by mobile carriers, because of free to use them. In recent many researchers proposed bundled, batched and aggregate a data transmission technique to overcome undisciplined data transmission power wastage. In instant messaging app a simple greeting messages cannot have bundled, because user cannot to errant to delay messages. Findings: We had two case studies traffic pattern offline user scenario and online user scenario case. To achieve this goal, we achieved firstly, to reduce smart phone network interface active time by intimate user by light weight push message about group chat pending messages notification in 3G environment. Secondly, instant messaging apps received songs keep in pre-cached to reduce data packets requests in 3G. Application/Improvement: In our propose model, we delayed group chat traffic pattern and play songs in 3G connectivity. In addition, its play songs and receive group chat messages in Wi-Fi connectivity which cause lower energy battery drain in smart phone.

Keywords: Energy Efficient, Network Interface 3G or Wi-Fi, Network Traffic, Social Network Apps


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