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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 11, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Study of Thermal Properties of Mixed (PP/EPR)/ Calcium Carbonates


This work is the study of the thermal point of view of the mixtures of the copolymer (PP/EPR) with calcium carbonates socal312, socal322v, Winnofil spm marketed by Solvay trading company. Calcium carbonates have the mechanical reinforcement role of copolymer (PP/EPR). The present study focuses their effects on the thermal properties of the said copolymer. An analysis and comparison of DSC curves, summary tables of mixtures properties are made according to the type of machine used to carry out the mixtures (a micro twin screw or an internal mixer HAAKE Poly Lab System) and the rate of each type of reinforcement of calcium carbonate (5% and 10%) in the copolymer. After tabulation of results, it is shown two observations: first the presence of each type of calcium carbonate used, does not change the melting and crystallization temperatures of mixtures and this regardless of the reinforcements rates; afterwards, calcium carbonates generally decrease the thermal properties of the copolymer regardless of the type of mixer used, this constitutes a double advantage: calcium carbonates reinforce the matrix while reducing the energy cost implementation. This phenomenon is much more pronounced when using Winnofil spm at low rates of reinforcement. These results are consistent with those provided by the literature, and have in additional, that they provide more curves and detailed tables of DSC test values and situational analysis for the types of components used in our study (copolymer PP/EPR mixed with calcium carbonates Socal312, Socal322v or Winnofil spm).

Keywords: DSC, PP/EPR, Socal312, Socal322v, Winnofil spm


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