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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 48, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Study on UX Design of Omni Channel


Objectives: Invigoration of mobile environment with developed technology of IoT is forming new consumption channel abolishing each independent border. The purpose of this study lies in inducement of implication by analyzing stages of user’s experience within each service and suggesting strategic direction of Omni channel. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This study carried out case analysis of Omni Channel in depth, on the basis of Yin’ s theory saying like development of UXoriented O2O platform, research area which is in a activated phase but lacks typical cases can be studied effectively through qualitative case-study method. Explanation was applied to interviews with relevant people, and case study was applied to analyze the interview contents and associated reports. 3 kinds of patterns were classified into single channel, multichannel and Omni-channel based on preceding study data by analyzing content of interview and relevant reports applying technique of case study. Findings: Omni channel with diversified service, keyword emerged called “promptness” and “customized”. This is also a characteristic generally appearing in services based on big data at connected era. Eventually, factor for success of new form of marketing called Omni channel is also only limited to tool connecting of customer with online and offline, but shows implication of key for predominance in competition that goes ahead for creating continued customer’s experience. This contains things of making development as an important measure for continuous formation of relationship with customers. This study can find its meaning as a basic material for exploring channel service by analyzing feature of Omni channel focused on views of customer’s experience getting out of view point of prime territories of on and offline. Follow-up studies seems to be needed for developing practical working guideline by developing methodology for materializing continuity of continuous experience beyond the analysis by factor for special feature of Omni channel in the future. Improvements/Applications: Element of characteristics of user’s experience in Omni channel was induced with 1. Acceleration of consuming experience and 2. Extension of platform service experience.
Keywords: Brand Communication, Mobile App, O2O Marketing, Omni Channel, User experience 


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